White Water Owner's List

This is a listing of White Water pinball machines, their owners, and other information about their game, sorted by date of manufacture.
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Owner Date of Manufacture Serial Number Location Date Acquired Comments
Peter Ingemarsson 12/16/1992 50218-605270 Kinna, Sweden 9/9/2012 In great condition. Clearcoated.
Gonzalo Miranda 12/16/1992 50218-741270 Gijon, Spain   Very Good Condition.

Still running P-8
Peter Kehry 12/17/1992 50218-744440 Kaiserslautern, Germany 3/15/2010 Good confition with new cabinet decals.
Timothy Walls 12/18/1992 50218-746790 Troy, MI   A German re-import with nice cabinet and playfield, plan on restoring to new condition. Just need to find green lock targets.
Bobby Alexander 12/22/1992 50218-802100 Scottsdale, AZ   German re-import, pretty nice except for broken ramp entrances. Looking for a Spine Chiller ramp (yeah, right!)
TONI 12/22/1992 50718-800000 Barcelona, Spain    
Mike Schudel 12/28/1992 50718-800730 Kalamazoo, MI   Reimported from Germany. Saved this game from almost being parted out. Original playfield was beyond saving so another used playfield has been installed. Boulder garden boulders were missing and have been replaced with reproductions. Most targets were replaced as well. Cabinet is badly faded and new decals will be installed once they become available.
Jelle Nelemans 12/28/1992 50718-804920 Breda, The Netherlands   Cabinet and playfield in great condition. No fading. Topper intact and working. Added the Blue-Light-Mod for the upper half of the playfield. Also replaced the red domes for blue ones. With the blue tones it looks just gorgeous! With all the ramps and tasks to go for, a real players game.
Todd Joyce 12/29/1992 50418-815770 Louisville, Nebraska 6/24/1999 Came from Europe, excellent condition, cabinet mint, backbox mint, topper mint, playfield has some wear at VUK and ramps show some wear from lots of playing but all ramps and boulders in perfect condition. Bigfoot is in and game looks much better now! LED Kit installed, LH6 ROM.
Jason Cumming 1/5/1993 50418-818280 France 5/13/2009 Needs some new boulders but cabinet, PF, and Bigfoot all in great condition. A top pin!
Matthias Andersson 1/7/1993 52118-821410 Tranarp/Åstorp, Sweden   My first pinball. Playfield in near mint condition. Cabinet have a few dents(esp. backbox) but the artwork is nearly undamaged.

Topper is is still intact although the protecting cover is a bit ugly.

Some plastics are cracked and a boulder is missing from one of the bumpers. Overall the game is in goood condition and needs only a few hours and some money spent to be in VG condition.
Jonathan Ericsson 1/7/1993 52118-821930 Trollhättan, Sweden   Bought in 2000 from Abatic my GCscore is 1.413.454.990

Nice game with nice flow miss you Dennis Nordman!

You cant stop loving this game!
Daniel Pero 1/7/1993 52118-824090 Trollbäcken/Tyresö, Sweden   It has been mine for almost 5 years now and is in pretty good shape except for some of the mountain tops are broken all manuals and elecrical schemes are intact and everything works
Jason Breininger 1/8/1993 50113-821120 Eau Claire, WI 11/13/09 Missing topper/marquee
Mary Kay Stone 1/8/1993   Dallas, TX   This is my only pin. Was imported from Germany. Very nice condition. My fav of all time!
Matt Calvert 1/8/1993 50118-821070 Ocean Springs, MS   Very nice shape. Ramps are nice and clear and NOS green lock targets just installed. A solid 9.
Mieze 1/11/1993 51318-825900 Arnhem, the Netherlands   quite a nice game in good working condition, although the cabinet could be better... it's my third game, I also own a EATPM and a 1968 Gator (which I am selling next month) the boulder garden caps have cracked and I am getting the repros Mr.. Hagstrom sells. the long mountain under insanity falls need to be replaced as well. the rest is okay. I got it 3 days ago and must already have spent at least 10 hours playing it :)
Mike Geib 1/12/1993 50418-825180 West Chester, PA   Bought 3/2005. Kids and I put 2,800+ plays on it so far! No fade on cabinet ... just some nicks. Backbox is beaten up a bit. Backglass is 9.9 ... tiny scratch. Playfield has lost mine wear and VUK wear on upper pf. Otherwise, great shape ... boulders perfect and ramps in great shape. WE LOVE IT !!!
Scott Sawin 1/14/1993 50218-833830 Yuba City, CA   Purchased from a friend in 2007. Playfield in excellent condition.
Matthew Perry 1/14/1993 50218-837240 Madeira Beach, FL, USA   The game is in very good condition with nice cabinet, playfield, original ramps, mountains (some chips), etc. The waterfall marquee, however, is missing and we'd like to find one. We suspect the machine is a German re-import because the warning labels inside are in German as well as the game rules sheet on top left of playfield (English on reverse side).
Chris Graham 1/15/1993 51018-836590 Walsall, United Kingdom   Most plastics damaged :o If anybody knows where I can get lost mine and boulder plastics from, please let me know.
Roi Kurgan 1/15/1993 51018-836820 Israel 11/13/12  
Todd Yoder 1/15/1993 50218-836970 Clarksville, MD 6/23/2001 Reimport from Germany
Maarten Stemvers 1/19/1993 51318-849420 Delft, The Netherlands 5/22/2005  
Jerome M Gomolka 1/20/1993 50218-851730 Placerville, CA   German Re-Import
CPT Christopher "Pinball" Thompson - AKA The_Black_Knight 1/20/1993 50218-852280 Long Beach, MS (for now...)   NOS Mountains/Targets/Ramps,Overall Superb Condition
Dan Land 1/21/1993 50218-852250 Locust Grove, GA   Excellent working. Overall probably an 8 or 9. Recent purchase. Love the game play!
Matt Adams 1/28/1993 50718-009192 Birmingham Alabama   German Import, In great shape with all mountains intact and new green locks, Excellent Game!
Darrin Farr 1/29/1993 50118-012642 Hamilton, OH    
Dennis Tall 1/29/1993   Gothenburg, Sweden   I bought this game from Adonbolagen in Sweden. It has not been used since 1997, The pf is in very good condition. I have replaced: all targets, all boulders, rubber, and two ramps. And a lot of other stuff, trying to get it original. I have flame polished all ramps and the dome. It is in super condition now! But it cost me alot! I also used a bigfoot´s cave boulder and took af the sign and placed it in the upper left corner over the switch on the disasterdrop ramp. Just to cover the switch, it looks so empty there otherwise. I absolutley love this game!
Dave Jones 2/2/1993 50118-021212 Dayton, OH    
Craig Selby 2/2/1993 50418-021082 Culver City, CA USA    
Frank Miklin 2/2/1993 52218-852170 Lausen, Switzerland   Nice condition, my girlfriend ownes half of it. We always wanted one because of the nice artwork, concerning the gameplay it's not really one of my favourites. Got it by incidence while visiting the local arcade store.
Chris Wamsley 2/2/1993   Columbus, OH    
David Thompson 2/3/1993 50118-023532 Owensboro, KY 2001 Great Shape. Excellent pinball machine.
Rex Mitchell 2/3/1993 50118-023832 Molalla, Oregon   One of my favorite machines.Second pinball owned.First was Jungle Lord, now my brother's machine.Purchased with many extra parts. NOS topper/bigfoot/extra green targets.
Rob Ganshorn 2/3/1993 50118-023852 Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada   Purchased June 2004 from a local operator with the usual broken parts the majority of WW's have. Luckily the original spare plastics were still inside the game and other parts like green lock targets, repro boulder caps, whirlpool ramps etc are more available now.100+ hours and several hundred dollars later, the game looks and plays great!
Bill Hewitson 2/8/1993 50118-918240 Taunton, MA   My only game (so far)...a great place to start
Matthew Stewart 2/9/1993 52218-919000 Geelong, Victoria, Australia   What a great game always sucks me in for another go at the vacation jackpot. My pin is in good condition with only minor playfield wear. Everything works correctly and I am running an LH-5 Home ROM which I can recommend to all owners to fix bugs and give some extra cool lighting and sound effects
Jerry Schollenberger 2/9/1993 50118-846640 Dearborn, MI   Cabinet & playfield in excellent condition.
Scott Farrar 2/9/1993 50118-850040 Louisville KY 40165   NOS Boulder Garden;

PF wear on Lost Mine Kickout;

Game Play lives up to the hype!

Owned since Feb 2001
Chris Bucci 2/12/1993 50118-004392 Erie, PA   Awesome game "partner"

Mike Schudel 2/12/1993 50118-916880 Kalamazoo, MI   Stunning condition, no cabinet fade, glossy playfield, perfect translite and topper. Running P-8 software.
Jerry Thompson 2/15/1993 50118-006882 Kent, WA    
Dave Hofman 2/15/1993 50118-012022 San Tan Valley, Arizona 7/13/2010 Awesome condition. Diamond plate playfield. Cabinet looks great with no fade. New perfect Topper.
Mike Flanagan 2/15/1993 50118-933610 Houston, TX    
David Peeples 2/17/1993 51018-034712 Dayton, OH    
Aeneas Verhe 2/17/1993 51018-938430 Antwerp, Belgium   made for Belgium
Steve Corley 2/18/1993 50218-853120 Englewood, CO   www.stevechannel.com/pinball.htm

Excellent shape, perfect playfield, came to me via Germany.
Chris Darlaston 2/18/1993 51018-914650 Manchester, United Kingdom    
The Paisley Family 2/19/1993 52718-814610 Dayton, OH    
Jim and Michele Farber 2/22/1993 50118-029322 Owings, MD, USA   Fun game in nearly perfect shape: unfaded cab, no lost mine wear, no broken boulders, only 1 broken (and repaired) ramp (Whirlpool). Domestic game was on route but must've hardly been played. It's being played a lot now!
Pat Dungan 2/23/1993 50118-001472 Dayton, OH    
Jeff Murphy 2/24/1993 520189-503502 Warsaw Indiana   In process of a thorough shop.Willing to sell.
David Clark 2/26/1993 51718-961070 Nelson, New Zealand   In excellent working order with exception of back box lights. playfield, glass and exterior in very good condition. I bought it in August 1998 from the guy who bought it brand new (local pinball arcarde, i play it alot before i bought it)
Fred Johnson 3/01/1993 ? Aurora, Ontario, Canada   In Mint Condition, Replaced all lights, rubbers & polished the playfield!

Playfield +9

Cabinet 10

All Original 10

I feel sorry for the original owner, he never new what he had!
Jerry Schollenberger ??/??/?? 50118-846640 Dearborn, MI   Cabinet & playfield in excellent condition.
Tobias Galeus ??/??/?? 52118-823950 Borgholm, Sweden   Game in good condition. Homepage and pictures: http://sponk.frontnet.org/pinball
Dave Low ??/??/?? ?     I was unable to find the serial number sticker that is normally in the machine :(
Chris Wenk ??/??/?? 50218-009792 Freilassing, Germany   I was lucky - the machine is in excellent condition. great game!
Tom Ceckitti ??/??/?? 51018-857680 Columbus, OH   what a great game! it took me a while to decide if I wanted to buy one or not...but I am sooooo glad I did!

Edo Muller ??/??/?? 51318-848900 Groningen, Netherlands   Nice machine, Boulder Garden Sign missing, just put replacement green "Lite" & "Lock" targets in.
Matthew Farmer ??/??/?? ? Ontario, Canada   First Pin. Purchased in michigan, found slovanian money in the backbox??Cabnet is terrible shape. Is there any cabnet decals coming?!Playfeild needs major work. All ramps and most plastics have some damage. But despite this, plays perfectly. I am restoring anyone have obscure parts for sale? anyone!!!
Jeff & Nicki Barnhart ??/??/?? ? Los Angeles, CA    
Ben Harris ??/??/?? 51718-015732 Nelson, New Zealand 2010  
Rob Goodwin ??/??/?? ? United States 12/15/2008 Good condition

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